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Though they chose to settle in North Carolina, Anne Barnhardt’s clients still wanted their home to pay homage to the many other states where they had lived. They also wanted to create a space that emphasized family. Keeping those influences in mind, Barbour Spangle Design Group gave the family’s previously ’90s style, traditional home a fitting overhaul.

The home’s open kitchen and living and dining rooms speak to Texas’ expansiveness. A color palette of earth tones and neutrals, and windows that bring the outdoors in, are a Colorado influence, while California casual is embedded in the home’s clean-lined cabinetry.

And as a mother herself, Barnhardt, who sadly since has passed away, made sure that every design choice would help the family live better together – and be drawn back home in years to come. This can be seen in the close proximity of the family’s separate areas to one another, which also is a reflection of the tight-knit nature of New Jersey.

“We wanted the family to walk in and feel the rush of warmth and love awaiting, and for friends to come in and feel like they belong,” says Christi Barbour, president and partner at Barbour Spangle.

That’s no matter what state they hail from…or where they live now.

by Jill McDonnell

– Design Bureau January / February 2014