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Are you looking for design inspiration for your home? Have you ever wondered how professional interior designers approach a project and begin to work their magic? We asked six of the area’s top interior designers for their design secrets.


“Buy and use what you love. Whether it’s a lamp at your favorite store or your grandmother’s china cabinet, surrounding yourself with things that truly bring you joy is one of the secrets to creating a home that reflects you. This is a failsafe way to ensure an end result that makes everyone happy.

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have style. Choose durable fabrics that can withstand tiny hands, incorporate their artwork masterpieces on your walls, and use durable rugs.

Don’t be afraid of white. My go-to white is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove because of its clean, crisp nature – it simply goes with everything. The key to success with a neutral room is to layer plenty of different textures throughout. Lighting will enhance the combination of textures, reflecting some materials and absorbing others.

Illuminate a room with more than one light source. Lighting creates the ambiance and atmosphere of your space, and multiple light sources, including overhead, eye level and accent lighting, add drama and dimension you can feel.

Hang your artwork at eye level. In so many homes, the art is hung too high. Lowering it anchors the pieces, and integrates them into the environment. When building a gallery wall, start with eye level pieces and build around them.”


– Home Design & Décor October/November 2016